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Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Compliance means that an organization has correctly and successfully implemented the requirements of its program and continues the implementation!

We began with the following:
Commitment throughout the Organization to Our MBE/WBE/DBE Program
Goals, Objectives 
Assessment of Financial Needs
and a "Champion" in Top Management to Lead the Project and Commit to Positive Results! 

Christus Health LA Diversity Program for Minority Business Enterprise (MBEs) Has Completed the Following Activities:
  • Developed a Diversity Utilization Plan
  • Promoted the Project Goals and Objectives
  • Obtained an MBE Coordinator
  • Developed a Comprehensive and User-friendly Database of MBE Contractors with Capability and Capacity to Perform on Projects
  • Ensured Cooperation and Participation of all Project Team Members
  • Encouraged Inclusive rather than Exclusive Process in the Bid Solicitation
  • Maintained Transparency in all Bid Solicitations and Awards
  • Provided MBE Firms with Technical Assistance and Training
  • Kept the Public and Project Team Informed
  • Monitored Contractor Performance to Ensure Goals and Objectives are being Met
  • Critiqued Completed Projects and Developed an Internal Report Card for Grading  Success                                                                                                                                                                            
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